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We are committed security practitioners with the goal of making your organization successful and secure. We provide industrial security solutions, identify and resolve vulnerabilities and empower personnel with resources and training. Argus Eagle, LLC will work closely with your professionals to assure total security compliance for every organizational program. It is our honor to educate individuals in developing a security program that stays current with changing policies. We provide assistance in navigating the Defense Security Service Vulnerability Assessment as well as understanding the requirements under the “Security Matrix” program.

Argus Eagle serves as a trusted advisor for information protection within the industrial security sector. We offer consultancy to organizations for maximizing security of privileged information and databases: this can be achieved through a combination of mitigating risks arising from personnel and procedure as well as computing technology. We conduct an evaluation of business procedure to create airtight safeguards when handling sensitive information. Hand-in-hand with this comes maintaining an IT system that is equipped with the highest levels of access control and based in hardware that prevents data loss, corruption or theft.

In addition to expert consultation for information security, the team at Argus Eagle is eminent in the field of physical security services. Our professionals are trained to determine a facility’s necessary precautions to prevent theft, material damage or espionage. Physical security measures can include surveillance equipment, security barriers, access points and security personnel staffing. Alarms and intrusion detection devices work within these layers of defense to promote comprehensive safety at every level. Contact our professionals today to learn more about our protection solutions.

Our areas of expertise in industrial security solutions include:

  • One-hour complimentary program security assessment
  • Foreign Ownership Control and Influence (FOCI) mitigation submissions and reviews
  • Facility support (closed areas and SCIF) and GSA locksmith support
  • Personnel security management services, specifically: personnel security clearance; security plans, policies and procedures (JPAS, eQIP, ACAVs, JAFAN, NISPOM, finger printing, etc.)
  • Information protection management
  • Physical security services
  • Management of documents, computer systems and platforms
  • Development of documentation for IC community access packages
  • Preparation for Defense Security Service “Vulnerability Assessments,” SCIF construction/accreditation
  • Training in the areas of DD-254 preparation, guest speaking, FSO training, FOCI, JPAS, etc. (call us for more information)
  • Review of Statement of Reasons (SOR) from the Department of Defense Central Adjudication Facility (DoD CAF)
  • Part-time FSO placement, RFP/Security SOW review, performance of self-inspections

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