Argus Eagle, LLC

Argus Eagle strives to bring its vision of excellence in the industrial security arena to the many organizations looking for support. Click here to learn about how our leadership informs our vision, our goal and our mission.

Our Mission

Our mission, “Security with Integrity and Credibility,” guides us every day to be a model of trustworthy and ethical practice within our industry. Argus Eagle is dedicated to complete client satisfaction and building business relationships by achieving the highest quality security solutions.

Our Vision

The Argus Eagle vision is built on integrity first, excellence and total commitment to our clients. Our vision means that we provide only the best consultation services on matters pertaining to Industrial and Intelligence Community security matters. We believe security is rooted in preparedness and informed decision-making, which is why we keep our clients ready and capable for change.

Our Goal

Our goal at Argus Eagle is to provide the flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs that is so vital for success. We provide innovative solutions to the most challenging circumstances that can arise from changing policies and procedural problems faced by the defense industry and intelligence organizations of the United States in support of the war-fighters. We are passionate about our principles and improving security by informing and empowering our clients. Our goal is your success.

Contact Us

Want to learn more about the difference Argus Eagle can make for your organization? We encourage you to contact us via our web form or call us directly at 240-338-1154.