The Eagle’s Nest

Security Executive Agent Directive (SEAD) 3 – Reportable Activities for All Covered Individuals:


Foreign Travel: Heads of agencies or designees shall determine requirements for reporting foreign travel as part of a covered individual’s official duties.


Unofficial Foreign Travel:

  1. Covered individuals shall submit an itinerary for unofficial foreign travel to their agency head or designee and, except as noted in the subparagraphs below, must receive approval prior to the foreign travel.
  2. Unanticipated border crossings into any foreign country not included in the traveler’s approved itinerary, regardless of duration, are discouraged. All deviations from approved travel itineraries shall be reported within five business days of return.
  3. Travel to Puerto Rico, Guam, or other U.S. possessions and territories is not considered foreign travel and need not be reported.
  4. Unplanned day trips to Canada or Mexico shall be reported upon return. Reporting shall be within five business days.
  5. When required by the agency head or designee, covered individuals shall, prior to travel, receive a defensive security and counterintelligence briefing.
  6. While emergency circumstances may preclude full compliance with pre-travel reporting requirements, the covered individual, at a minimum, shall verbally advise their supervisor/management chain of the emergency foreign travel with all pertinent specifics and, preferably, a security representative, prior to departure. In any event, full reporting shall be accomplished within five business days of return.
  7. Consistent with national security, heads of agencies or designees may identify, for covered individuals under their purview, conditions under which prior reporting and approval of unofficial travel is not required, such as, agencies with an overseas presence that may require less specific reporting as opposed to every instance, e.g. travelled to x country y times last month, travel weekly/monthly to x country, travel to x country y times per year, etc.


Reportable Activities for Individuals with access to Top Secret Information, “Q” Access, or Holding a critical or Special Sensitive Position. In addition to these reporting requirements, individuals with access to Top Secret information, “Q” access, or holding a Critical or Special sensitive position shall also report:


Foreign Activities:

  1. Direct involvement in foreign business.
  2. Foreign bank accounts.
  3. Ownership of foreign property.
  4. Application for and receipt of foreign citizenship.
  5. Application for, possession, or use of a foreign passport or identity card for travel.
  6. Voting in a foreign election.
  7. Adoption of non-U.S. citizen children.


Other Reportable Activities

  1. Attempted elicitation, exploitation, blackmail, coercion, or enticement to obtain classified information or other information specifically prohibited by law from disclosure regardless of means.
  2. Media contacts where the media seeks access to classified information or other information specifically prohibited by law from disclosure, whether or not the contact results in an unauthorized disclosure. Media contacts related to the fulfillment of official duties of the position held by the covered individual need not be reported.
  3. Financial Anomalies: Including, but not limited to, bankruptcy; garnishment; over 120 days delinquent on any debt; and any unusual infusion of assets of $10,000 or greater such as an inheritance, winnings, or similar financial gain.
  4. Foreign National Roommate(s): Any foreign national(s) who co-occupies a residence for a period of more than 30 calendar days.
  5. Cohabitant(s).
  6. Alcohol- and drug-related treatment.