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Argus Eagle

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  • Frederick, Maryland
  • 240-338-1154

    Argus Eagle: Upholding the Nation's Security with Unwavering Integrity. Veteran-owned excellence, safeguarding America's valued assets.

    Blending expertise with dedication, we offer tailored solutions in industrial and intelligence community security. Partner with a brand synonymous with trust and excellence.

    Cage Code: 6Q3F0

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    Argus Eagle: A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, fiercely dedicated to fortifying national security with unparalleled expertise and unwavering commitment.


    What We Do:

    Argus Eagle is a distinguished Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, deeply rooted in the realms of industrial and intelligence community security consultation. Based in Maryland, the company stands as a beacon of integrity, excellence, and steadfast commitment. With a rich history of collaborating with industry leaders, Argus Eagle has skillfully assisted organizations in navigating the intricate landscape of Defense Security Service Vulnerability Assessments and the "Security Matrix" program. Whether addressing complex policy challenges or delivering innovative security solutions, Argus Eagle prioritizes customer satisfaction and upholds its mantra of "Security with Integrity".

    It's not just about safeguarding assets; it's about establishing trust, ensuring excellence, and protecting national security.

    Complete Security Solutions

    Argus Eagle stands as the beacon of unparalleled security expertise in the industrial and intelligence arenas. Veteran-owned and fiercely committed, we're your partners in safeguarding America's invaluable assets, ensuring every solution is crafted with integrity at its core.

    Core Services

    Argus Eagle's Cornerstones

    Security Consultation:

    Expert advice in both Industrial and Intelligence Community security domains, emphasizing their highest caliber consultation.

    Defense Security Service Vulnerability Assessment:

    Their specialized assistance in navigating and understanding the intricate "Security Matrix" program is pivotal for many organizations.

    Personnel Security Management:

    Comprehensive services including security clearance guidance, security plans, and understanding and managing platforms like JPAS, eQIP, and more

    Insider Threat Consultation:

    Given the increasing concern over insider threats, their strategies to prevent both intentional and unintentional breaches are crucial for maintaining a secure environment.

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