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  • Frederick, Maryland
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    Argus Eagle: A Legacy of Security Excellence

    Founded on the pillars of integrity, excellence, and unwavering commitment, Argus Eagle has carved a distinct place within the industrial security sector. As a minority/disabled-veteran owned company, our dedication isn’t just to our clients but to a larger mission of safeguarding the nation’s critical assets. Specializing in Industrial and Intelligence Community security matters, we pride ourselves on delivering consultation services of the highest caliber, ensuring our clients are equipped to navigate complex security landscapes.

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    Argus Eagle: A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, fiercely dedicated to fortifying national security with unparalleled expertise and unwavering commitment.

    Understanding the Argus Eagle Difference

    At Argus Eagle, we recognize the unique challenges faced by defense and intelligence organizations. To this end, we’ve meticulously crafted our service offerings to address the nuanced requirements of the Security Matrix program and the Defense Security Service Vulnerability Assessment. Each engagement with our clients is approached with the perspective of providing maximum flexibility and swift responsiveness, attributes highly valued in the rapidly-evolving world of security.

    Our team is seasoned, bringing together a rich tapestry of experiences and know-how. It’s this expertise that has allowed us to forge strong collaborations with industry leaders such as Hawkins Group, LLC, Planet Technologies, Optiv, Patriot Technologies, Inc., and Allied Technologies and Consulting. We consider our past engagements as milestones, markers of our continued success in guiding companies through the labyrinthine paths of security protocols and regulations.

    Beyond our partnerships, the Argus Eagle brand stands as a symbol of reliability. Clients know that behind this name is a team relentlessly committed to customer satisfaction. We don’t just offer solutions; we build lasting relationships, anchored in trust and mutual respect. In a world where security is paramount, Argus Eagle remains steadfast in its promise: Security with Integrity.

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